Diwali Catalogue

Fourteen long years it took the Lord to triumph over evil and yet the battle goes on. In the midst of all our trials and tribulations it is easy to lose sight of the real reason why this festival has endeared itself in the hearts of millions through many millennia. Diwali is n.....

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Rs. 1900
Mayan Bar-1, Coated Crispy-1, Cookie Box-1, Dragees-1, Chews-1 
Rs. 1900
5piece chocolate box-1, Cookie Box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Stir it up-2, Jam-1, Coated crispy-1. 
Rs. 2050
5 piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Stir it up-1,Dragees-1 
Rs. 2300
5piece chocolate box-1, Jam-1, Cookie box-1, Baking Bar-1, Dragees-1, Spiced Nuts-1 
Rs. 2450
5piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Dragees-1, Spiced nut-1, Spread-1, Chews-1, Stir it up-1 
Rs. 2900
12piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Dragees-1, Jam-1, Stir it up-1. 
Rs. 3000
12 piece chocolate box-1, Baking Bar-1, Cookie box-1, Spiced nut-1, Dragees-1, Jam-1, Stir it up-1, Diya-1. 
Rs. 3800
25 Piece Chocolate Box -1, 80g chocolate Bar-1,  Dragees -1, Thins-1,The Elaine Young Bar -1, Spiced Nut -1, Stir It Up -1