Light up this Diwali with Smoor. 


Rs. 265
4pcs Couverture fillid chocolates 
Rs. 300
Box of 12 piece asoorted filled chocolates 
Rs. 400
Box of 18 assorted filled chocolates  
Rs. 575
9piece chocolate box with assorted filled couverture chocolates.
Rs. 800
80g chocolate bar-1, Callets-1, Spiced nut-1 
Rs. 950
Mayan bar-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1
Rs. 1060
16piece assorted filld couverture chocolates 
Rs. 1350
4 piece chocolate box-1, Coated crispy-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Diya-1 
Rs. 1400
150g coated Almond, 150g coated Hazelnut, 150g spiced Cashew, 150g roasted Almond. 
Rs. 1400
Mayan Bars-4 (Assorted flavours) 
Rs. 1800
5piece chocolate box-1, Stir it up-1, Chews-1, The Elaine Young Bar-1, Coated Crispy-1, Diya-1 
Rs. 1850
30 piece assorted filled couverture chocolates 
Rs. 1900
Mayan Bar-1, Coated Crispy-1, Cookie Box-1, Dragees-1, Chews-1 
Rs. 1900
5piece chocolate box-1, Cookie Box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Stir it up-2, Jam-1, Coated crispy-1. 
Rs. 2050
5 piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Stir it up-1,Dragees-1 
Rs. 2300
5 Piece Chocolate Box -1, 80g Chocolate Bar-1, Thins-1, Mayan Bar -1, Chews -1, Stir It Up -1
Rs. 2300
5piece chocolate box-1, Jam-1, Cookie box-1, Baking Bar-1, Dragees-1, Spiced Nuts-1 
Rs. 2450
5piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Dragees-1, Spiced nut-1, Spread-1, Chews-1, Stir it up-1 
Rs. 2900
12piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Dragees-1, Jam-1, Stir it up-1. 
Rs. 3000
12 piece chocolate box-1, Baking Bar-1, Cookie box-1, Spiced nut-1, Dragees-1, Jam-1, Stir it up-1, Diya-1. 
Rs. 3800
25 Piece Chocolate Box -1, 80g chocolate Bar-1,  Dragees -1, Thins-1,The Elaine Young Bar -1, Spiced Nut -1, Stir It Up -1
Rs. 4300
Mayan Bar-1, Non Alcoholic Wine-1, Cookie Box-2, Thins-1, Spiced nut-1, Jam-1, Stir it Up-1, Coffee pck-1, Dragees-1, Tea Tin-1, Travel Sweets-1, Diya-1