Caramel Crunch

Rs. 195
Caramel crunch milk chocolate bar. No one ever forgets the taste of delicious caramel crunch!! We at Smoor have an elegant crème caramel bar! The whipped smoothness working its magic in your mouth as the crumbly pieces melted into sheer cream. Now you can savor this caramel-filled delight in the form of a True chocolate bar. Smoor brings to you the best caramel crunch milk chocolate by bringing together ingredients of the finest order. Luscious  caramel of the perfect consistency and creamy cocoa are uniquely blended by our experienced chefs to provide chocolate-lovers an absolutely unforgettable experience. Buy caramel crunch milk chocolate bar online from Smoor and get your order delivered to your doorstep in no time! We provide one of Bangalore’s best online chocolate delivery services. The special caramel crunch is crafted in a way that adds a little crisp to your choco-bars alongside that heavenly taste and flavor of exquisite caramel. Buy our caramel crunch True bar at Smoor and gift your dear ones a wonderful  surprise.
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