Cashew + Curry

Rs. 392
Oven roasted cashew nuts, mild curry, and coconut infused with 70% Sao Thomé couverture chocolate. Smoor’s brand-new Cashew & Curry Chocolate! The unique blend of tastes and flavors give rise to this succulent work of art. Smoor presents its exclusive range of cashew and curry chocolate for everyone who loves to experiment with their palates. This extravagant confection will trigger your senses, leaving you wanting for more. This amalgamation of two exotic trends, make for the best gourmet chocolate gifts. We offer you the best selection of chocolates on a pocket-friendly budget that is sure to make you come back every time. Now, buy cashew&curry chocolate online at Smoor’s online chocolate shop for your loved ones to celebrate their special day. If you would like to browse our entire collection in person, there is always time for a cup of hot-chocolate at our store in Bangalore. Our hassle-free delivery process makes online chocolate shopping, an affair to remember.   The preparation of Cashew and Curry Chocolate at Smoor, begins with oven roasted cashew nuts. What follows is a blend of mild curry and coconut infused with 70% Sao Thomé couverture chocolate. So, waiting should be off your list, since we offer delivery options of same-day, next-day and fixed-day delivery as well. Begin your search for the ultimate goodness, and place an order with us. 
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