Intense 70% Chocolate (500g)

Rs. 1155

The Intense 70% chocolate cake is a delicious dessert that will lure you with the intense chocolate layers. Dive in the richness of cake drenched in 70% chocolate. Order the Intense 70% chocolate and melt your mood. With our skilled bakers, the fine quality of ingredients are picked to get your life chocolate filled. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, you can now buy this intense 70% chocolate cake and make your celebration more memorable. Fresh baked intense chocolate cake in Bangalore can be availed in no time. We will deliver you the cakes at your convenient time and place ensuring you a pleasant online experience. Its time you can send your loved ones, a special gift. The gift of chocolate becoming a remembrance. Smoor chocolates facilitates the online ordering as well as delivery to be done at the same day or the day after according to your preferences.

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