White Chocolate Buttons

Rs. 210
Fine dark chocolate buttons for cookies, icing, nibbles, and more. Experience Happiness with Real White Chocolates! A concoction of the best quality cocoa butter and sugar with a hint of real vanilla; white chocolate is every chocolatier’s dream come true. White chocolate owes its wild popularity to the taste which is at par with every other kind of chocolate there is. Our Online chocolate store in Bangalore brings you its exclusive collection of white chocolate buttons suiting all your baking needs. The creation of velvety mousse, delicate ganache, dessert glaze or irresistible ice-creams calls for white chocolates. Now, you can buy white chocolate buttons online with the best boxed chocolates at our online chocolate shop. Order White Chocolate Buttons Online by Smoor!   With our easy delivery process, we make your online chocolate shopping experience better.  Our talented chefs have designed our baking white chocolate buttons with the most authentic ingredients, which turns your genuine love for baking into a reality making you a sell-out amongst your friends. We offer different delivery options for you to choose from; including same-day chocolate delivery, next day delivery and even fixed day delivery. You can browse our website for the finest selection of favorite desserts and patisserie making your choice and place an order with us.  
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