White Chocolate Couverture Baking Bar

Rs. 415
Fine white chocolate bar for use in desserts, cakes, icing and more.For those who think white chocolate isn’t a real thing- food experts have shattered the myth. Instead of containing cocoa solids, this luscious variant of chocolate is made from sheer cocoa butter. Nothing short of a luxury, chocolate-lovers love embracing this pure creamy form of delight made from milk and cocoa cream. Buy white chocolate online from Smoor and ensure you are never short of supply for your daily dose of sweet-kick! We have an exciting range of premium white chocolate bars online. If you happen to like it ‘white’, you already have a wide array of options to choose from! Add it to your milkshake to add a signature creamy taste or use it as toppings on other desserts- a rich white chocolate coverture bar will bring back the plush rich smoothness to just about anything you pair it with.  
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