Rs. 1180

The Intense 70% chocolate... Read More

Rs. 1623
Baked Chocolate cake filled with chocolate. Perfect Gooey Chocolate Cake fo... Read More
Rs. 1684
Soft Chocolate sponge layered indulgently  with dark chocolaty ganache... Read More
Rs. 1687
Almond coffee flavoured French classic cake. French classic, made with almo... Read More
Rs. 1752
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Rs. 1752
A creamy New York cheesecake lightly flavoured with vanilla, on a biscuit-c... Read More
Rs. 1882
A stunning celebration cake comprising of seven colourful layers with a cre... Read More
Rs. 1882
Soft mousse cake with layers of Vanilla crème Brulee and hazelnut ch... Read More
Rs. 1882
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