Rs. 300
Box of 12 piece assorted filled chocolates. 
Rs. 400
Box of 18 assorted filled chocolates  
Rs. 800
80g chocolate bar-1, Callets-1, Spiced nut-1 
Rs. 1350
4 piece chocolate box-1, Coated crispy-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Diya-1 
Rs. 1400
150g coated Almond, 150g coated Hazelnut, 150g spiced Cashew, 150g roasted Almond. 
Rs. 1400
Mayan Bars-4 (Assorted flavours) 
Rs. 1850
30 piece assorted filled couverture chocolates 
Rs. 1900
Mayan Bar-1, Coated Crispy-1, Cookie Box-1, Dragees-1, Chews-1 
Rs. 1900
5piece chocolate box-1, Cookie Box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Stir it up-2, Jam-1, Coated crispy-1. 
Rs. 2050
5 piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Stir it up-1,Dragees-1 
Rs. 2300
5 Piece Chocolate Box -1, 80g Chocolate Bar-1, Thins-1, Mayan Bar -1, Chews -1, Stir It Up -1
Rs. 2300
5piece chocolate box-1, Jam-1, Cookie box-1, Baking Bar-1, Dragees-1, Spiced Nuts-1 
Rs. 2450
5piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Dragees-1, Spiced nut-1, Spread-1, Chews-1, Stir it up-1 
Rs. 2900
12piece chocolate box-1, 80g chocolate bar-1, Spiced nut-1, Chews-1, Dragees-1, Jam-1, Stir it up-1. 
Rs. 3000
12 piece chocolate box-1, Baking Bar-1, Cookie box-1, Spiced nut-1, Dragees-1, Jam-1, Stir it up-1, Diya-1. 
Rs. 3800
25 Piece Chocolate Box -1, 80g chocolate Bar-1,  Dragees -1, Thins-1,The Elaine Young Bar -1, Spiced Nut -1, Stir It Up -1
Rs. 4300
Mayan Bar-1, Non Alcoholic Wine-1, Cookie Box-2, Thins-1, Spiced nut-1, Jam-1, Stir it Up-1, Coffee pck-1, Dragees-1, Tea Tin-1, Travel Sweets-1, Diya-1