Product Care
1. Can I store chocolate in the refrigerator?
We do not recommend refrigerating your chocolates, however if you have no alternative, keep chocolates in their original packaging, place in an airtight container and wrap completely in plastic film before placing in the refrigerator. Remove from the refrigerator at least two hours before eating, without removing the plastic film, to allow the chocolate to slowly reach room temperature.
2.  How do I store my chocolate?
The Smoor range of chocolates is best when consumed within 6 weeks. The chocolates will remain fresh and best retain their delicate flavours and textures if they are kept in a dry atmosphere at a temperature range between 15 – 18 degrees. Chocolate is very sensitive, hence should also be stored away from direct light and any strong aromas.

3. Why has my chocolate turned white?
Chocolate turns white when the cocoa butter within the chocolate has separated toward the surface. It is often referred to as ‘chocolate bloom’. There are several causes, most often occurring as a result of warm storage conditions. Despite its appearance, chocolate that has “bloomed” is still safe to eat.
1. What is couverture chocolate?
The word couverture describes high quality chocolate that contains a certain amount of extra cocoa butter between 32% and 39%. Combined with proper tempering of the chocolate, this higher percentage of cocoa butter gives the chocolate a firmer “snap” and a creamier flavour.
2. Why is the praline shelf life shorter than chocolate brands?
Unlike mass produced chocolates in the market, Smoor products are made from the traditional method using only premium cocoa butter rather than vegetable fats and fillers. Because our products are natural, have no preservatives and contain fresh cream and butter, our products have a limited shelf life to ensure optimum freshness.
 3. Are food items purchased online freshly packed?
 All Food Items available in Smoor Chocolates are freshly packed. All items delivered by us come with a manufacturing date & an expiry date.
4. Who can I contact about my online order?
If you need to contact us about your online order, please email anitha.k@blisschocolates.com and we will endeavor to respond within the next business day.

5. Where is my order sent from?
All Smoor Chocolates products are produced, packed and dispatched from Bangalore.